Nuclear Works

ENVY is the first and only Turkish company who has experience in full scope site engineering services using International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards during pre-design and design stages of nuclear power plants. These services include but not limited to:
  • Geological, hydrogeological, geophysical (onshore/offshore) and geotechnical surveys
  • Establishment of seismic monitoring stations and continuous monitoring
  • Seismic and tsunami hazard analysis
  • Establishment of meteorological/aerological stations and continuous monitoring
  • Assessment of meteorological/aerological conditions
  • Establishment of wave/current and level/temperature stations and continuous monitoring
  • Bathymetrical surveys
  • Assessment of marine and surface hydrological conditions
  • Radionuclide, dust and thermal dispersion modeling studies
  • Monitoring and assessment of on-shore and off-shore ecological conditions
  • Mapping studies and establishment of geodynamic polygon for 1 degree geodetic level deformation
  • Assessment of human induced impacts

Geological Surveys
ENVY offers detailed engineering services for understanding the geological structure of the power plant sites. These services include:
  • Onshore and offshore drilling works,
  • Opening trenches and trial pits,
  • Preparation of geological maps,
  • Preparation of geological cross-sections,
  • Geomorphological studies,
  • Petrographical analysis,
  • Preparation of geological logs,
  • Remote sensing studies,
  • Active tectonic studies
    • Paleo-seismology,
    • Archeoseismology.
  • Evaluation of soil laboratory results related to samples

Geotechnical Surveys
For the assessment of sites in terms of engineering geology and in order to define necessary parameters for the design of the structures, detailed geotechnical surveys are conducted:
  • Field measurements related to engineering properties of geological units, i.e. pressumeter measurements, SPT, etc.,
  • Taking disturbed and undisturbed core samples from boreholes and/or trenches,
  • Conducting geotechnical laboratory tests both on rock and soil samples,
  • Evaluation and reporting of the results of geotechnical surveys.
  • Evaluation of soil laboratory results related to samples.

Hydrogeological Surveys
Hydrogeological surveys carry crucial importance for the evaluation of the power plant sites. In the scope of these surveys, ENVY conducts following studies:
  • Designing, drilling and developing of pumping and piezometric boreholes,
  • Hydrological (level, conductivity, temperature, etc.) and chemical monitoring studies,
  • Karst hydrology studies,
  • Preparation of the hydrogeological maps,
  • Hydrogeological modeling studies.

Geophysical Surveys
ENVY provides detailed geophysical services in order to complement the geological studies and provide information for the physical conditions of the site. These service are grouped under two main topics and listed below:
  • Surface Geophysics
    • 2-D electrical profiling
    • 3-D electrical measurements
    • VES (vertical electric sounding)
    • SP (self potential) measurements
    • Seismic refraction (ReMi, MASW, MAM) measurements
    • Microgravity measurements
    • Geomagnetic measurements
    • Off-shore deep seismic measurements
  • Borehole Geophysics
    • Electric logging
    • Radioactive logging
    • Seismic (Sonic, PS) logging
    • HiRAT logging
    • Cross-hole measurements
    • Downhole measurements

Seismological and Seismotectonic Surveys
Seismological and seismotectonic surveys are one of the most important studies which are conducted by ENVY during the site engineering studies. Seismic and tsunami hazard assessment studies have growing importance especially for the design of nuclear power plants all around the world. Standards that have to be followed for these studies are also getting stricter and the scope of surveys are getting wider. ENVY adopts all services which are required for seismic and tsunami hazard assessment studies. These services include but not limited to:
  • Installation of strong and weak ground motion monitoring stations,
  • Continuous seismic monitoring on site and in the nearest region,
  • Archeoseismological studies,
  • Remote sensing and surface faulting studies,
  • Detailed seismic zoning,
  • Analysis and modeling studies for determination of ground acceleration parameters (probabilistic and deterministic) using international standards,
  • Synthesizing of accelograms anticipated on the site,
  • Tsunami hazard assessment studies.

Geodetic Surveys
ENVY offers wide range of geodetic services including the geodynamic level measurements which is also one of the surveys necessary to complement the monitoring of the seismic activity of the region. These services include:
  • Laying of geodynamic polygon benchmarks and points,
  • High precision leveling measurements,
  • Satellite measurements,
  • Mapping studies using classical methods and aerial and/or lidar imaging.

Meteorological/Aerological Surveys
ENVY conducts studies for the evaluation of the meteorological and aerological conditions of the sites. These services are:
  • Establishment of Sodar-Rass and meteorological stations with various heights,
  • Continuous operation and monitoring,
  • Assessment of past and current meteorological/aerological conditions of the site,
  • Dispersion modeling studies,
  • Evaluation of rare meteorological hazards like tornado, lightning, etc.

Ecological Surveys
One of the most important areas of expertise of ENVY is environmental and ecological studies. Ecological surveys are carried out under two main topics:
  • Terrestrial Ecological Surveys
    • Flora-fauna surveys,
    • Sampling and chemical analysis of groundwater and surface water,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of groundwater and surface water,
    • Sampling and chemical analysis of sediments,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of sediments,
    • Sampling and chemical analysis of soil,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of soil,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of food,
    • Air quality measurements,
    • Electromagnetic radiation measurements,
    • Radioactivity measurements
    • Noise measurements.
  • Marine Ecological Surveys
    • Zoobenthos, plankton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, ichthyofauna measurements,
    • Sampling and chemical analysis of sea water,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of sea water,
    • Sampling and chemical analysis of sea sediments,
    • Sampling and radionuclide analysis of sea sediments

Hydrological Surveys
Due to the excessive need of cooling water for the operation of nuclear power plants, detailed hydrological surveys are very crucial. ENVY’s hydrological services can be grouped under two main topics:
  • Marine Hydrological Surveys
    • Bathymetric studies,
    • CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) measurements,
    • Establishment of wave, current and water-level monitoring stations,
    • Continuous wave, current and water-level monitoring,
    • Surface temperature measurements,
    • Sea water sampling for chemical analysis at various heights along the water column,
    • Coastal deformation measurements,
    • Hydrological modeling studies.
  • Surface Hydrological Surveys (Rivers, lakes, etc.)
    • Establishment of flow and level measurement stations,
    • Continuous level and temperature monitoring,
    • CTD measurements,
    • Turbidity measurements,
    • Silt measurements,
    • Hydrological modeling studies including flood modeling.

Assessment of Human Induced Impacts
In accordance with the IAEA standards determination of human induced impacts and risk calculation studies are carried out.

Demographical and Socio-Economic Surveys
One of the most important aspects of the nuclear power plants that has to be studied carefully is the social impacts. In order to determine demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the region, ENVY carries out:
  • Baseline studies (Including Socio-economic, Demographic, Demographic Studies)
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological and Medical-Demographic Studies)
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Focus Group Meetings
  • Community Meetings
  • Household Questionnaires
  • Akkuyu NPP Offshore Drilling

  • Akkuyu NPP Borehole Drilling

  • Akkuyu NPP Offshore Drilling

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Akkuyu NPP Geophysical Surveys

  • Ecological Survey

  • Ecological Surveys

  • Akkuyu NPP Meteorological Station

  • Akkuyu NPP Aerological Surveys, Sodar Rass , First in Turkey

  • Akkuyu NPP Hydrological Surveys

  • Akkuyu NPP Seismic Station

  • Akkuyu NPP On-Shore Drilling